directions to Rainforest Dreams

Getting here from the Airport

Once you step out of San José's international airport you'll see a line of orange official airport taxis that can bring you here. These taxis are regulated by the airport, and you can pay them in U.S. dollars or colones. The cost of your trip will be approximately US $25. Directions from the airport to Rainforest Dreams are below in English and Spanish.

If you would prefer we can arrange for one of our trusted drivers to meet you at the airport with a car or van, holding up a sign with Rainforest Dreams B & B and your name.The cost will be slightly higher due to waiting time for the driver. Just let us know.


Directions from the Airport or San José- ENGLISH

If you are taking a taxi from the airport, specify that you're going to San Rafael de Escazú, Urbanización Los Anonos. Your driver may take one of three possible routes depending on traffic conditions.

If you are renting a car or traveling with a driver unfamiliar with this area, the following directions from the airport will likely be the least complicated:

1.    From the airport proceed into San José.


2.    As you get into the downtown area, you will find a park with an art museum and an old athletic stadium on your right. This is La Sabana park. On your left will be  commercial buildings including a restaurant with red awnings called La Tapia, and a McDonald's.

3.    Across from McDonald's a road goes out west from your right. Take this road. It is the autopista a.k.a. Highway 27.

4.    Continue west on the highway from San José, and take the exit for Escazú.


5.    This exit will loop around and take you back under the highway.

6.    Continue on this road briefly until you arrive at an intersection with the Perimercados (large red and white grocery store) in front of you on your left, and Tony Roma's restaurant in front of you on the right.

7.    Turn Left at this intersection.

8.    Continue a short distance until you pass Saretto Supermarket on your left. Once you've passed Saretto's, take your first left. The road has no name, but you'll see a guard at a traffic arm and a little security hut.

9.    The guard will let you through, and you'll immediately turn right.

10.    Continue to the bottom of the street and we're in the cul-de-sac.

11.    We're Casa 96, and you'll see the Rainforest Dreams sign.


Indicaciones del Aeropuerto o San José a Rainforest Dreams – ESPAÑOL

1.    Hay que ir al oeste en la autopista de San José, hacia Escazú.

2.    Tome la salida de Escazú, y siga en esa calle hasta que llegue a la intersección de Perimercados/Tony Roma's.

3.    Doble a la izquierda en esta intersección (con el Perimercados a mano izquierdo).

4.    Después de pasar por el supermercado "Saretto", doble a la izquierda para entrar a la Urbanización Los Anonos.

5.    Pase por la aguja, y doble a la derecha. Siga abajo hasta la rotonda a Casa 96 - "Rainforest Dreams Bed and Breakfast"